Inside Out

Life doesn’t get better, you do.

The key idea behind the above quote can be summed up in one word, perception. We can  be philosophical here because there is a discipline dedicated to this subject called stoicism but we won’t go there today. Instead lets take a look a Pixar movie because they somehow, time after time, manage to convey visceral ideas beautifully in their movies. In Inside out for example, the main character is a young girl (Riley) that is in turmoil because she is forced to start over in a new city, at new school, with new friends because her dad gets a new job. As she slowly comes to terms with her situation she goes through some real hard changes. It’s painful to watch our character suffer. But the transformation that was so painful is what also makes the ending doubly beautiful. We can identify with Riley about the good and bad changes in our own lives. The difference for adults is that we get to choose. We get to choose whether we’re happy or unhappy. However, this is not to say that everything is happy all the time and that sadness has no place in our lives. It’s the understanding that all feelings have their place and we have a certain amount of control over how we respond to life as it unfolds outside our control. Emotional intelligence is something we can develop, slowly, one day at a time. This one of the many lessons one take away from the movie, it’s A+ and we highly recommend it. Tears not included.

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