Their last album is amazing. Check out Love Death Immortality if you like melodic synth with hard hitting drums and breakdowns. Mind blowing complexity that will have you rediscovering every song with each listen.

Recently I met someone one, who at young age (25) has travelled more than a lot of people do in their whole lives. She even lived on a sail boat for a year! Soon she’ll be moving to a different continent for two years to do some really important work, which makes me very happy.

I enjoy travel as well, but I like to keep it short.

The thing is I like taking to the same people year after year. Seeing the same faces and getting to deeper and deeper levels of friendship. This may sound super boring, but follow me for a second. The way you deal with your friendships is going to carry over to your professional relationships. The next time there is a promotion is your boss going to give it to a new hire or a reliable employee she has known for 10 years?

Making friends can be difficult. Keeping them is a lot harder.

Take a look at your friendships, their longevity is a reflection of your character.

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