This month we lost, arguably, the best DJ of our time. His music was both uplifting and inspiring. Over the last few years I have many memories of both listening and talking to others about his music. I remember showing a friend The Days / Nights EP (below), it was a moment I’ll remember forever because it was a crystallizing moment for our friendship. When you have the same taste in music (or anything, really) with someone all you want to do is share the good stuff with them and it was one of those moments.  And it was made possible by the music that Avicii brought to us. Rest in peace brother, you’re gone but not forgotten.

Been a long time fan of this duo. They been missing in action for a little while but they’re back! The music is great and their vlog at the end of each video is hilarious. And oh yeah, they plan on releasing 50 songs+videos this year.