Ken Robinson tells this story: “A little girl was in a drawing lesson. [The teacher] said, ‘What are you drawing?’ And the girl said, ‘I’m drawing a picture of God.’ And the teacher said, ‘But nobody knows what God looks like.’ And the girl said, ‘They will in a minute.’”

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Our character is often most evident at our highs and lows. – Be humble at the mountaintops, be strong in the valleys, and be faithful in between.  And on particularly hard days when you feel that you can’t endure, remind yourself that your track record for getting through hard days is 100% so far. ~ Unknown


When I let go of what I’m, I become what I might be ~ Lao Tsu

The problem with getting really good at something, for example poker, is that eventually you fall in to certain patterns of thinking. This is good because you’re adhering to the best practices which will help you get better at poker. You’ll make incremental skill gains and end up in the 95th percentile or above with enough practice. However, you’re probably not going to change the sport, which may not be what you want at the beggining. But what happens when you’re bored at the top? Maybe you’ll master another subject, or maybe you start experimenting with poker. This is one interpretation of the above quote. What does it mean to you?

Artwork by Dominik Mayer