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Cristian Mihai

Disclaimer: this is going to be a long and (somewhat) harsh post about certain realities of life most of us are trying to evade by all means possible.

I am not writing this post out of empathy. I am not writing this post because I read some articles and now I am trying to pass along the knowledge.

I am writing this article because I understand.

I understand the difference between the burning pain of suffering deeply and the general apathy and hopelessness of depression. The emptiness. The lack of interest, joy, passion. I understand the despair, the loneliness, the reluctance to discuss about it all, the very fatiguing job of hiding it all behind a smile, or an “I’m fine” delivered in the worst way possible.

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When I let go of what I’m, I become what I might be ~ Lao Tsu

The problem with getting really good at something, for example poker, is that eventually you fall in to certain patterns of thinking. This is good because you’re adhering to the best practices which will help you get better at poker. You’ll make incremental skill gains and end up in the 95th percentile or above with enough practice. However, you’re probably not going to change the sport, which may not be what you want at the beggining. But what happens when you’re bored at the top? Maybe you’ll master another subject, or maybe you start experimenting with poker. This is one interpretation of the above quote. What does it mean to you?

Artwork by Dominik Mayer


I read a great article sometime toward the end of last year that regards advice that Naval has given in the past. Here are some of the points that stood out to me. I recommend reading the whole article if you have the time.

1. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with people that are more successful than you are. If you want to be happy, surround yourself with people that are less successful than you are.

2. To add behaviours/habits, do it one at a time.
To subtract, easier to do a lot at once. Most of them are interwoven anyways.

3. Pick one behaviour to change and give it 3 – 6 months to carry out.

4. Knowing how little you matter – very important for your own mental health and happiness

5. Set super low expectations and you won’t be disappointed. Seneca’s practice.

6. Confucius says you have two lives and the second one begins when you realize you only have one.

7. Advice to 20-year-old self:

  • chill out, don’t stress so much, everything will be fine
  • be more yourself, don’t try to live up to other people’s expectations
  • self-actualize
  • say no to more things
  • your time is very precious – on your dying days, you will trade EVERYTHING for another day
  • live in the moment

8. If I had always done what I was qualified to do, I would be pushing a broom somewhere***.


Been a long time fan of this duo. They been missing in action for a little while but they’re back! The music is great and their vlog at the end of each video is hilarious. And oh yeah, they plan on releasing 50 songs+videos this year.