Many of us try to meditate and fail. Constant failure leads us to not try. Thus begins a negative¬†cycle. I’ve come out of meditation sessions feeling like a failure. Solution – I don’t meditate anymore. I relax.


1. It’s easier. I don’t force myself to think of nothing. I slow and deepen breathing. I imagine literally pushing away the mental clutter in my mind. Find image or idea that works best for you.

2. The benefits are much the same. I’m more mindful throughout the day.

3. It’s (mostly) guilt free. I don’t need to feel bad that I screwed up another meditating session.When I’m relaxed I don’t get mad at myself for going on tangents.

4. There is no time limit. I do as mush as I can and stop when I feel is enough.The end result is calmness and gratitude. Relaxing means I’m easy and gentle with myself.

Then I go kill myself at the gym.

If you need some help, try these guided meditations.